Martin Gugino: Donald Trump’s police scanner tweet fact-checked

Startling new details reveal Martin Gugino may be an anarchist with ties to radical left-wing terrorist group Antifa.

Donald J. Trump and the fake news

President Donald Trump has suggested a man pushed over by police during protests in the US city of Buffalo last week was trying to “scan police communications in order to black out the equipment”.

Footage of 75-year-old Martin Gugino shows him approaching police lines holding up what appears to be a mobile phone.

One of the police officers then pushes Mr Gugino over, who was later taken to hospital. He left hospital today but was not well enough to comment.

From the clip, it’s not possible to tell what he was doing with the phone. We’ve seen no evidence to suggest he was trying to scan police devices. It is also not clear how police equipment could be interfered with in this way.

Via One American News
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